Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right promotional product for my Brand?

Sometimes what works well for one brand will not work for another.  When choosing products put yourself in the shoes of your target recipient.  What do they value and what are their interests?

An excellent promotional product is usually practical, has good value, represent your brand and gets seen regularly. Contact us today to speak directly with an expert who can provide effective suggestions for your situation.

What information do you need from me?

To recommend the best solution we seek to understand your campaign objectives, audience and budget for the project. Based on this our team will put together recommendations for you to review. We also need to understand if you will be providing artwork or is it something you would like us to create (we don't charge for the first hour of artwork time but it's £35.00 an hour after that).

Why are prices not shown on the website?

Prices for products are variable depending on a number of factors including quantity required, type of decoration and any other specific requirements. Please speak to our team who can help you provide a quote for any of our products.

How quickly can I have my products?

Typically the artwork and sign off process takes 3-5 business days before they then going into production. Production (depending on the product and quantities) takes typically up to 5 business days and then postage to your required destination. Typically the process from start to finish takes 2-3 weeks but for larger orders this can be extended by 1-2 weeks. If you have a specific deadline please contact our team who will see what we can achieve within your timeframe.

Can I get a sample before placing an order

We offer undecorated samples on nearly all of our products, samples can be a great way to check the quality of a product before placing an order.  Speak with your account manager or contact us to arrange for a sample to be delivered to you.

How can I talk with someone directly

You can connect directly with one of our team during business hours easily via telephone 01993 773350 Or Email our Sales team on

Can I order below the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Most of the time the minimum order quantity you see on a product page cannot be changed.  We advise you to call and speak with one of the team and we will help if possible.

MOQs exist because setting up the machines for printing is costly and time-consuming and would increase the cost of each item significantly

What format do you need me to send my logo in and what if I do not have that format?

To decorate your products we will need a vector file format of your logo.  If you don’t have this available send us the highest resolution of your logo available and we can redraw it for you.

Do you keep my artwork on file?

Yes, to make things easier for you we will keep your logo handy so next time you need to order we have everything ready to go.  Speeding up the process and making things easier for you.

Can I have my order delivered to multiple locations?

We can do split delivery locations on most products.  This will be more expensive than just having them delivered to a single location, however.

We also have the capability of many individual location deliveries.  Contact us for more information regarding this.